2016 Buffalo Stampede is Another Great Success!

The Buffalo Stampede is unique in a lot of ways.  For starters, the course…


Blake Johnson, overall winner and the top time in the age 30-39 group for the men’s 10K division said, “It’s harder than it looks. It’s undulating the whole way. It’s fun. There are deer and wildlife. I had two white-tail deer on the course in front of me. Then, right before I finished, there was an antelope that ran right through the gate in front of me. It’s fun coming back out here.”

Then there is family and food… 

Lindsay Albin has run the Buffalo Ranch Stampede a few times before and what keeps her coming back is running with family and for what happens after the run. Albin’s party of 12 — seven children and five adults — as well as the rest of the runners, were treated to free buffalo breakfast burritos at the finish line. “That’s what is fun, having food at the end,” Albin said. “It’s different than other fun runs. That’s what keeps making you do this one compared to other ones.”

But finally and most importantly, it is the local charities that win… 

One of the most unique is the impact the event has had on nearby communities, including Gillette and Wright. Each year, all the proceeds go to a local charity.  This year, money from the 10K and 5K runs will go to PRECorp Foundation, a nonprofit formed in 2007 by Powder River Energy to aid communities in the five northeast Wyoming counties, including Campbell.  This foundation is helping the community on a number of different levels and having a large impact in a variety of ways.

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-excerpts from the full article, The Course Keeps Them Coming Back, by Roy Frazier in the Gillette News Record, June 5, 2016

Discover the Keys to Successful Bison & Land Management


Join us at the Durham Ranch in Wright, WY to get an introduction to the principles of Holistic Management. For more details, check out our brochure.  To register, please fill out the form on the workshop page.

Durham Ranch operates on approximately 55,000 acres involving over 2,000 head of bison. The Durham Ranch has been practicing Holistic Management for 30 years and have been in the bison business for over 50 years. If you attend this seminar you will learn how you can manage a large number of bison on a fairly arid landscape. Average precipitation on this ranch is 12-14 inches. This ranch is located 30 miles south of Gillette, Wyoming in an area known as the Great Plains – short grass prairie. If you attend this seminar you will learn how their innovative management has allowed them to improve the production of the land. The Durham Ranch is able to support this large bison herd with nominal amounts of supplemental feed year round. This seminar is limited to 15 people.

WWII Vets Honored


These spry young men were spotted in Gillette recently attending function honoring World War 2 veterans.  Chet Haagensen on the left and Bill Prell on the right were some of the recipients in the 2014 Buffalo Stampede Charity Race last summer at the Durham Ranch.  John Flocchini was happy to shake their hand and get a great picture.  Thank you for your service! Click to read more!HometownVeterans2-300x160