Durham Ranch Branded Meats

Having been in the ranching business for over 50 years, the Flocchini family knows what it takes to raise quality animals. We provide our bison to some of the finest restaurants in the country. We also provide other meats from trusted partners who ranch with the same ideals and values that we hold dear.

The Durham Ranch line of specialty products are offered exclusively through our wholesale distribution company, Sierra Meat and Seafood, and at a select number of top level wholesale distributors around the country. If you are a chef or restaurant owner and would like to find where you can purchase Durham Ranch branded meat products,  please call Sierra Meat and Seafood at 800-444-5687 and ask for Bernadette Flocchini or Rich Jersey. Both Sierra Meat and Seafood and Durham Ranch are run by the third generation of the Flocchini family. With pride, we offer the following Durham Ranch branded specialty products.


Durham Ranch Bison is all natural with no antibiotics and no growth hormones administered. All bison are pasture raised and grain finished. Our bison meat is simply the best available in the market today.


Durham Ranch Natural Beef is USDA certified Natural Program. Beyond minimally processed and no additives, Durham Ranch Natural Beef have never had growth hormones administered and have never been administered anti biotic growth promotants. The animals are angus genetics, grass raised and grain finished in America’s Heartland.


While only Kobe beef from Japan can carry the “Kobe” name, pure bred Wagyu uses the same breed of cattle. We have partnered with some of the top breeders in the U.S. to hand select the finest Wagyu meats for our customers.


Known as the Kurobuta pork or The Black Pig, which became popular in Japan because of its dense marbling and juicy meat, Berkshire Pork is pork the way it was intended. Mild flavor, juicy and extremely tender, Durham Ranch pork is raised in the heart of the corn country and is 100% Berkshire.


Durham Wild Boar is all natural and feral from Texas. It is trapped in the wild and processed exclusively under the Durham Ranch label. Each animal is hand selected and sited to our exact specifications.

Delicate and delicious, Durham Ranch game birds elevate the elegance of any menu. Please call for specific cuts. We offer a wide variety.


Rabbit has long been a European and Asian delicacy. Farm raised rabbit is lean, slightly sweet meat with a closely textured flesh that has virtually no fat and is very high in protein.


Cervena is distinguished from all other venison by the trademark assurance that the meat has been naturally processed in accredited plants, according to a system of high quality standards. To qualify as Cervena, cuts must come from animals three years or under and raised in the most natural way. The Cervena appellation applies only to saddle and leg cuts.