Where can I purchase Durham Ranch bison?

Durham Ranch Bison is distributed nationwide by Sierra Meat & Seafood.  To learn more about ordering bison or the other Durham Ranch line of natural and specialty meats, click here.

If you are in the neighborhood, you can always pick up your favorite cuts at the Durham Ranch Store. Please call ahead for hours and availability.

Who can I contact if I am a Chef or Distributor?

Please contact Sierra Meat & Seafood at 1-800-444-5687

Where can I purchase Durham Ranch Branded Products?

Read more about our Durham Ranch Brand of Natural & Sustainable Products here.  To find a distributor or restaurant in your area, please contact Sierra Meat & Seafood at 1-800-444-5687.

Where can I purchase Durham Ranch Specialty Meats?

Please visit Sierra Meat and Seafood or call 1-800-444-5687

Are Durham Ranch bison raised with steroids or hormones?

Durham Ranch bison are raised without hormones or steroids. In fact, it is against federal laws to use these substances in bison.

Are the bison administered antibiotics?

Antibiotics are only used on Durham Ranch bison in emergency animal welfare situations and are not used for growth-promotants at sub-therapeutic levels.

How are the animals raised?

In order to provide a consistent, high-quality product on a year-round basis, Durham Ranch bison meat comes from animals that have been pasture-raised and grain-finished. The length of time the meat animals are finished depends on many factors including but not limited to age and environmental issues (like droughts). The type of energy used in the rations for finishing varies and might include barley, wheat, corn, soy beans, grass hay and alfafa, etc.

Are bison an endangered species?

With the help of private ranchers and conservationists, bison have made a storied comeback and are not an endangered species, and in fact are not in danger of becoming one. There are currently nearly 400,000 bison in North America.

Are bison crossbred with cattle?

While there is an animal called a beefalo, the meat they produce is clearly labeled separately from bison or buffalo. We at Durham Ranch and the National Bison Association are dedicated to maintaining the integrity of the all-natural buffalo and believe strongly enough to have adopted a CODE OF ETHICS that specifically prohibits crossbreeding bison with any other species of animal. Read more here.