History of the Durham Ranch

Durham Ranch is rated one of the best ranches in the United States for the quality of its products and high standards in raising bison. The ranch comprises 55,000 acres of land where the original bison were sourced directly from Yellowstone National Park, making this herd and land very unique and special.

There is documented evidence of the history of this land when it was first occupied by Native Americans as shown by significant existing prehistoric structural sites at the ranch. Remnants of the homesteader era remain as well when folks like the Wrights, Greggs, Cooks, Fortners, Sagers and Chittendons, as well as others settled here.

Durham Ranch prairie landscape varies with rolling hills and peaked buttes.  It is home to varied forms of plant and animal life including, elk, pronghorn, mule and whitetail deer, black tail prairie dogs, coyote, bobcat, red and swift fox, badgers, etc.  There also has been over 80 species of birds documented including numerous waterfowl, song birds and birds of prey.