Ranch Management

Our family has been practicing sustainable ranching from day one—long before it became a trendy catchphrase. We use words like natural, holistic and sustainable because they are the founding principles by which we have run one of the largest bison ranches in North America.

We believe to our core that these principles guide us in safeguarding the well being of one of America’s greatest treasures and in raising the finest bison in the world.

The Holistic Management International © model used at Durham Ranch enables us to grow healthy animals and produce high quality meats and products while improving the quality of the land where the bison graze.

The Flocchini family is dedicated to returning the ranch land to its’ past splendor. We are inspired by what history reveals to us. A countryside with tremendous, complex grasslands of unlimited potential; where the environment is stable and balanced, wildlife is visible and healthy, and creeks and springs flow.

With a commitment to Holistic Management, we here at Durham Ranch are convinced that we are involved in sustaining our land so that many generations beyond ours are able to enjoy life as we have.

To better understand Holistic Management, watch: