Buffalo Stampede raises money for local charitable giving

CAMPBELL COUNTY, WY – Runners and walkers from northeast Wyoming will return to the Durham Buffalo Ranch for the 22nd Annual Buffalo Stampede, Saturday, June 3.

The charitable fundraising event challenges runners on the open range course near Wright. In addition to the challenge of competing in the 5-kilometer run or walk and 10-kilometer run, participants will have the satisfaction of knowing they helped raise money for some of the most critical community needs in northeast Wyoming.

The event is an annual fundraising effort of the Powder River Energy Foundation. The event organizers and hosts at the Durham Ranch have partnered with the Foundation because of its wide range of giving to local children’s charities, feeding the hungry, and helping local veterans, to name a few.

The event draws scores of runners and walkers to the Durham Ranch in Campbell County, four miles north of Wright. Walkers kick off the event at 8 a.m. and runners start at 8:30 a.m. The always-popular Buffalo “Breakfast Burritos” are served at 9:30 a.m. followed by awards for the top finishers in all runner categories and event sponsor door prize drawings. Don’t miss out on the final event of the day, the crowd favorite “buffalo chip” throwing competition.

The cost to pre-register is $25 per person or $50 per family if participants sign up prior to Friday, May 26. Click here for pre-registration forms >
For more information: call the Campbell County Rec Center in Gillette at 682-7406; the Wright Rec Center in Wright at 464-0580; or email: buffalo@vcn.com. Registration forms can also be picked up and dropped off at the Powder River Energy Corporation offices at 200 Garner Lake Road, Gillette, or 221 Main Street, Sundance.

Participation costs after May 26 are $30 for a single and $60 per family. Event day registration begins at 7:30 a.m. on June 3. All paid registrants receive a T-shirt and a breakfast the morning of the run. Family registrations include two T-shirts and breakfast for the family, and all participants are automatically entered in the drawings for door prizes.

Established in 2007, the Powder River Energy Foundation has awarded more than $2 million to non-profit community support organizations in Campbell, Crook, Johnson, Sheridan and Weston counties. For more information on the foundation, its charitable giving, fundraising, or how organizations may apply for grants, please go to the foundation website at www.precorpfoundation.org.

Durham Ranch named Lazy Dog Restaurant Partner of the Year for 2021

We are excited to share with everyone that Durham Ranch has been awarded Partner of the Year by Lazy Dog Restaurants

Thank you so much to all the folks over at Lazy Dog for this recognition. We cherish partnerships like this one!

Pictured from left to right: Robert Linder (Lazy Dog, CFO), Gabe Caliendo (Lazy Dog, Principal), Steve Flocchini (Durham Ranch Brand Manager), Patrick Fraunfelder (Sierra Meat & Seafood Company, Division President), Gaylynn & John Flocchini (Durham Bison Ranch Manager), Laura LaVigne (Lazy Dog, Senior Director of Marketing) 🦬

2022 Buffalo Stampede Charity 5K/10K

2022 Buffalo Stampede Charity 5K/10K

21st Annual Charity Event June 4th, 2022

100% of proceeds go to local charities

Once again, the Durham Ranch is teaming up with the Powder River Energy Foundation for this event. Established in 2007, the Powder River Energy Foundation has awarded nearly $2 Million to scores of organizations in every county of PRECorp’s service territory of northeast Wyoming. The Foundation’s main focus has been to support local organizations with limited resources for funding such as food pantries, veterans’ groups, rural health care, and youth education. All proceeds stay local.

Sponsorship Opportunities Available

1 Gold Stampede Sponsor $5000.00
Silver Stampede Sponsors $2500.00
Bronze Stampede Sponsors $1000.00
Friends of Stampede Sponsors <$1000.00

Gold sponsor gets special recognition with opportunity to present a large check to the Powder River Energy Foundation representatives at the event where media will be present.

Gold sponsor receives top line logo placement on back of event t-shirt given to all registered participants (175-200 folks in the last 3 years, 2020 notwithstanding).

Gold sponsor receives top line exposure on all printed ads and banners that are used for promotion and display leading up to and including the day of the event.

Silver and Bronze sponsors will have logo printed on event t-shirts as well as promotional material at and leading up to the event.

Sponsors will also receive recognition pre-event on a live local radio program, and post event in local print media ads as well as on social media and websites until next year’s event.

Download The Registration Form

18th Annual Durham Ranch Charity Buffalo Stampede

18th Annual Durham Ranch Charity Buffalo Stampede 5K/10K Walk-Run, was held on Saturday, June 1st, 2019.  The popular annual charity event once again raised over $30,000.  All proceeds went to the Powder River Energy Foundation, serving those in need in northeast Wyoming.

After the tumultuous weather, the week leading into the event, Saturday morning brought big, sunny skies and a light, cool breeze for the walk/run.  As close to perfect as it gets. The nice weather helped with continued good participation including around 180 folks in attendance.

Overall women’s and men’s race champions for both distances took home one of a kind, hand-made clay medallions with bison leather straps by Deb Penning of  Baker City, OR., an assortment of Durham Ranch buffalo meat, buffalo jerky and ranch raised honey as prizes.

After the delectable buffalo burrito breakfast served up by Hank’s of Wright, the events were capped off by the traditional annual Buffalo Chip Toss where the women’s and men’s champions each took home a case of Durham Ranch buffalo brats.  Arrow Langston from Wright, returned as the women’s champion and, Chris Penning from Hulett won the toss for the men.

Overall Race Winners

5K Men’s: Layne Stroschein, Time of 23:34

5K Women’s:  Meghan Hanson, Time of 22:23

10K Men’s:  Nic Penning, Time of 38:23

10K Women’s:  Sarah Glasser, Time of 56:47

5K Results

  1. Meghan Hanson, 22:23 (Overall Women’s Champ)
  2. Layne Stroschein, 23:34 (Overall Men’s Champ)
  3. Jerad Brewer, 24:37
  4. Sam Barkey, 25:23
  5. Rachel Barnhurst, 25:37
  6. Tim Hanson, 26:03
  7. Stephan Albin, 26:27
  8. Elijah Ellis, 26:48
  9. Kelly Glasser, 27:10
  10. Wyitt Knight, 27:22
  11. Tami Maher, 27:51
  12. Will Thomson, 28:07
  13. Nolan Olson, 28:20
  14. Peter Albin, 29:04
  15. Grady Lembke, 29:21
  16. Chris Penning, 29:29
  17. Jen Johnson, 30:10
  18. Carter Lembke, 30:10
  19. Hannah Schadewald, 30:19
  20. Danielle Barhurst, 30:19
  21. Dan Lubken, 30:37
  22. Mauren Glasser, 31:13
  23. Bob Vergnani, 32:50
  24. Cody Reynolds, 33:05
  25. Ethan Barnhurst, 33:10
  26. Sawyer Hanson, 33:15
  27. Paige Brewer, 33:42
  28. Stephanie Ezell, 33:43
  29. Kris Drevlow, 33:51
  30. Joseph Thomas, 34:43
  31. Holly Phinney, 34:57
  32. Todd Phinney, 34:57
  33. Christine D’Angelo 34:59
  34. Krystal Barkey, 34:59
  35. Alena Gronewold, 35:44
  36. Christie Larsen, 35:58
  37. Zane Macey, 35:59
  38. Denise Lubken, 42:02
  39. Becky Dahill, 42:33
  40. Tom Dahill, 42:33
  41. Nancy Watson, 44:59
  42. J. Snyder, 44:59
  43. Marvin Tabor, 46:31

10K Results

  1. Nic Penning, 38:23 (Overall Men’s Champ)
  2. Shaun Hottell, 49:42
  3. Levin Jensen, 52:26
  4. Sarah Glasser, 56:49 (Overall Women’s Champ)
  5. Tyann Woodall, 58:27
  6. Laura Baeza, 59:21
  7. Rhiannon Suchor, 1:00:09
  8. Dolan Glasser, 1:06:56 (Age 12)
  9. Adilene Hanson, 1:08:51
  10. Aimee Sherman, 1:10:32
  11. Coeur Stone, 1:11:31
  12. Roger Peabody, 1:13:53
  13. Jon Rowe, 1:16:42