Durham Ranch on the Altitude Channel

Update:  Durham Ranch is highlighted with a fantastic interview of ranch manager John Flocchini starting about 1:40 into this video.  Did you know the Durham Ranch herd is one of the largest existing herds in the United States and one of the west and the oldest buffalo ranches today?   Check out more…

[Gillette News Record] Campbell County will be featured on the TV series “CrossWest Adventures” at 7 p.m. Sept. 2 on the Altitude Channel.

Campbell County Convention and Visitors Bureau Executive Director Mary Silvernell said the bureau reached out to the TV show to advertise the county.

“We spent a lot of money on it,” Silvernell said. “We’re anxious to see the actual video.”

With leftover money in its advertising budget, the Campbell County Convention and Visitors Bureau spent $10,000.

The show will highlight several sites in Campbell County, including the Recreation Center, the airport’s wildlife displays, Bell Nob Golf Course and the Durham Ranch.
Because it’s on the Altitude Channel, a large part of the show will be features on the places people can travel from Campbell County, Silvernell said.

Cristian Bohuslavschi directs and produces “CrossWest Adventures,” which is a 30-episode travel-action-adventure series in its seventh season. He also took footage of Devils Tower National Monument, Keyhole Reservoir and the Big Horn Mountains.

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