Sierra Meat and Durham Ranch Buy Strube Gourmet Wagyu Meat & Cattle


It is with great pride that we announce that Sierra Meat and Seafood of Reno Nevada, along with our sister company, Durham Ranches Inc. of Wyoming, have entered into a purchase agreement with the Strube Ranch of Texas to purchase Strube Gourmet Wagyu Meat and all their Wagyu cattle on feed. The Strube family shall maintain ownership of their ranch in Texas along with the Wagyu cow calf operation there.

Sierra Meat and Seafood and the Durham Ranch are owned and operated by the Flocchini family. Sierra Meat and Seafood is run by Chris J Flocchini in Reno Nevada and the Durham Ranch is run by John Flocchini III,  in Wright, Wyoming. The Strube Ranch is located in Pittsburgh, Texas and is owned and operated by Larry and Linda Strube along with their daughter Tia Strube Ables and her husband Zane Ables.

This new partnership will allow our families, Strube and Flocchini, to concentrate on our respective areas of expertise, and continue to meet the growing demand for All Natural Wagyu Beef.

Sierra will be responsible for the meat sales and distribution of Strube Ranch Wagyu Beef, Durham Ranch will be procuring Wagyu feeders from the Strube Ranch, and the Strube family will look to expand its Wagyu cow calf operation in order to grow the supply of Wagyu feeders.

Sierra Meat and Seafood processes and distributes the Durham Ranch Brand of natural and sustainable specialty meats to over 100 foodservice and retail customers throughout the United States. Durham Ranch, located in Wright, Wyoming, is one of the largest bison ranches in North America which has been owned and operated by Flocchini family for 50 years. The Strube Ranch has been one of the pre-eminent Wagyu ranch operators in North America and the Strube family has been Ranching in east Texas for over 100 years.

The deal successfully closed on May 5th, 2014.